These paintings represent my first attempts at creating art since 2000. Most of those years I held the belief that I would never paint again – but life and death open this door again.

I do not have the same drive to produce as when I was younger. I am more thoughtful but also I care less with the outcome and work at a much slower pace.  When I finish a piece I am surprise by the results. And, even more surprising, that after all those years which I never picked up a paint brush, I am pleased by what I have created.

When I paint I am working the whole surface – the painting is a unified image since I paint over the taped areas as if it does not exist. When I reach a point that I am satisfied the tape is removed and I see a different painting. I like to think “it has been kicked up a notch” by the separation of planes. The viewer sees a painting that has multiple areas of focus but is still works as a whole.